Rallying for the Environment.

Get ready to rally! Recycle Rally is a free nationwide program that directly benefits K-12 schools and students by providing valuable incentives and resources to help make recycling easy, fun, and rewarding.


GET IN ON THE ACTION and BUILD on the IMPACT we’ve been making since 2010:



Plastic bottles and aluminum cans recycled through the program to date.


Prizes and Rewards

Awarded in the form of cash, gift cards, and merchandise to hundreds of schools through recycling contests and promotions.



Across the U.S. have participated and joined this organized recycling effort.

Nurturing our future today.

Whether you’ve been recycling for years or are just getting started, Recycle Rally will help boost the excitement and provide an array of tools to make recycling a big deal in your school.


Download free resources, including poster templates, certificates, lessons, activities, and more from our online portal to promote recycling at your school.
Track and view customized facts and figures about your school's impact. Share with students and staff to keep everyone motivated and stir up a little competition through our leaderboards.
Refer to our helpful tips for collecting plastic (#1 PETE) bottles and aluminum cans at your school. Need bins? We'll offer chances to earn them throughout each school year.
Accumulate reward points in your online account and redeem them for recycling bins, supplies, and other goodies to keep your recycling teams going strong!
Set a weekly or monthly routine to log your activity in our simple web portal – it takes just a few clicks to enter your totals and revise your customizable goals.
Compete in contests and promotions to show off creativity, dedication, or enthusiasm for recycling. Enjoy frequent chances to win prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000!
If you're actively involved in Recycle Rally and want to step up your level of involvement for chances to earn bigger rewards then our Challenge League might be right for you! It offers the opportunity to compete in our annual recycling contest which offers prizes that range up to our $20,000 grand prize!

Meeting Your Needs.

We know your days are already busy enough, so we designed Recycle Rally to be easy and flexible. Whether you take advantage of just a few benefits or participate in every one of the contests and promotions, we think you'll find Recycle Rally to be very worthwhile. Explore some of the opportunities below:

Contests and Promotions

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Recycling Program Prize

Look for "Rally to Win" emails on a regular basis and participate in our Contests and Promotions as your schedule allows. There are plenty of chances for everyone to win!

Promotions may involve the following:

1) Small or moderate prizes prizes ($10-$200 value) for taking simple actions to get involved in the Rally of promoting recycling through our suggested activities
2) Large prizes ($50 to $1,000 value) for submitting ideas, projects or campaigns that are selected by our judges
3) Huge prizes ($500 to 25,000 value) for schools that qualify and earn top spots in our annual Challenge League Collection Contest*.

*None of the promotions are based on collecting the largest quantify of recyclables except the Collection Contest. Other promotions are based on various ways of engaging students in recycling.

Goal Setting and Tracking

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Our website includes a user-friendly tool to help you establish a customized recycling goal for your school and track your progress throughout the year.

It's easy to tally your collection totals by simply clicking to select how many bags of bottles and cans you collected*. We’ll convert that to an estimated number of bottles and cans and display it in your downloadable progress report.

We also provide 'fun fact' reports to help translate your recycling accomplishments into environmental impacts and tangible visuals, such as comparing the weight of your recyclables to that of an animal or school bus.

*Schools that qualify and choose to participate in our Challenge League Collection Contest will report their totals by weight, using a handheld scale provided by us, instead of the bag count method.


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It's nice to be rewarded for doing the right thing, isn't it?

You'll have the opportunity to earn reward points when you tally your recycling activity through your online account.

Points are easy to redeem and can be used to acquire supplies, such as recycling bins, bags, gloves, etc. or fun Recycle Rally merchandise to thank your dedicated team of recycling rock stars.

Promotional Tools

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After you sign up and log in to your account, we encourage you to browse through our Resource Library regularly to download and utilize helpful resources.

Whether you want to blanket the halls with signs and posters to get the word out, or if you want to take advantage of our letter templates to help recruit volunteers to help, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer printable certificates to help recognize those dedicated recyclers in your school.

Convenient Resources

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Convenient Resources

If it's recycling bins that you want, we've got 'em!

You can redeem your rewards points for bins as you earn them throughout the year. If you need accompanying items like gloves and bags, your rewards points can help acquire those too.

If you're just getting started and don't have many points yet – don't fret! We encourage you to make your own bins, like the green one on the left, which was made by Torres Elementary. It’s fun and it might even give you a chance to win a prize through one of our promotions.

We offer a range from small, portable pop-up bins to large free-standing bins. Determine what you need and start accumulating points today!

Pride-Building Competitions

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Pride-building competitions

Want to see who's the most dedicated group in your school? Our website makes it easy to manage your own internal leaderboard to see who can claim the title in your school.

Set it up to compare however you want – by classroom, grade level, department, wing, lunch period, etc.

To build school-wide pride, visit our national leaderboard to see how your school stacks up against others across the country.

Lessons and Activities
for all Grades

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Lessons and Activities

Working hard to teach to Common Core Learning Standards or Next Generation Science Standards?

We've worked with educators and Eco Myths Alliance to develop several fun, engaging, multi-disciplinary units that can help you with that, while building on the students' first-hand involvement with recycling. We've created multiple versions of each to ensure we covered the gamut of grade levels.

Our exclusive Lessons and Activities portal also offers opportunities for you to download recycling-themed plans submitted by your peers. In addition, we offer science lessons developed by our friends at The Nature Conservancy, which is just another benefit of our Recycle for Nature partnership.

Download a sample lesson for your classroom today!

Events and Celebrations

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Want to take your enthusiasm for recycling a step further?

Host a recycling awareness assembly or even a recycling drive to involve parents and community members to get involved and help you make an even bigger impact.

In our Resource Library, you’ll find sample letters and invitations to help involve parents, local community leaders, and media in your events.

Don't forget to earn and redeem those rewards points for fun prizes to giveaway at your events to make them extra special!

Creative Projects

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Creative Projects

We've been blown away by some of the creative ideas Rally schools have come up with over the years.

Whether your students are artistically inclined or practical engineers-in-the-making, we encourage you to engage them in fun projects to re-purpose used materials, or to call attention to the importance of recycling.

Watch your inbox for emails about related promotions - we may offer some valuable incentives for sharing your creative project ideas with us throughout the year.

Developing Leadership Skills

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Developing Leadership Skills

We highly recommend you enlist a student or group of students to help lead the way for your school’s recycling efforts. It will make Recycle Rally more fun and rewarding for everyone at your school.

Green Teams or Recycling Clubs are great ways to give mindful students a strong purpose.

Recycle Rally gives these groups tools, responsibilities, and critical experiences to help them become stronger leaders in their schools and communities.

Involving the Community

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We'll equip you with tools to help broadcast your excitement to the rest of your community.

Whether you share our social media-friendly progress reports, or enlist a local club or organization to support your recycling efforts, Recycle Rally can give your community a lot to feel good about.

Schools that have qualified and participated in our annual Challenge League Collection Contest have become recycling beacons in their communities. Parents and other locals who care about the school and/or environment tend to lend a hand by helping to collect bags of bottles and cans and cheering them on as they climb their way up the national leaderboard.

Connecting with a
Network of Schools

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Connecting With a Network of Schools

Have some bright ideas that helped increase recycling at your school?

We're always looking to hear them and then share them with the rest of the Recycle Rally network.

We continually compile stories and tidbits from our participants to help us update our Best Practices document, which is available to download in our online Resource Library.

We also send out Rally Reader newsletters to profile success stories and help you get the most out of the Rally.

Ready to Rally.

We know you're excited but might still have some questions about how Recycle Rally works. No problem! Here are a few more things you might want to know:


If you are already able to recycle bottles and cans at your school, then simply keep it up and take advantage of Recycle Rally to help boost your recycling rates and raise excitement to whole new levels. If this is new for you, then reference our Hauler Toolkit or email us for help.


Whether a teacher, administrator, staff, or PTO/PTA parent, you can fill out our short online application on behalf of your school and start benefiting from recycling right away. It’s easy to add others from your school or designate a different primary point of contact after your account is established.


We’ll set up your online account and send you a Quick Start Guide with some tips to help get the most out of your Rally experience. Then you can peruse our exclusive access website and keep your eyes peeled for emails from us with announcements about Rally news and promotions.

Want more info?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
or direct them to us at
support@PepsiCoRecycling.com or (888)-875-6555.

Now's the time

Start helping your school and the planet today by filling out our simple online application to participate. It takes only a few minutes to complete and participation is free.


Below is an overview of our long-term contests and promotions. See official rules for details. Official rules are posted in the Resource Library after logging in to your PepsiCoRecycling.com account.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 – APRIL 27, 2018

Earn huge cash prizes for your school by logging your recycling activity via your online account and tallying the highest number of estimated bottles and cans recycled. Prizes range up to $1,000 for Universal League participants (i.e. those who tally based on bag count) and up to $20,000 for Challenge League participants (i.e. those who tally based on weight).

SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 – APRIL 27, 2018

For those of you who may not be recycling massive quantities but are dedicated to tracking your progress, then we've got a great way for you to accumulate valuable reward points. For every 10th time you report a recycling transaction via your PepsiCoRecycling.com account, we will credit you with bonus points.
*Transactions must occur on separate calendar days in order to qualify for this promotion.


We’ve designed each to try to help you increase awareness and excitement about recycling in and around your school community. Participate in some or all of the following contests and promotions as your schedule allows to help get more out of your involvement with Recycle Rally.


Just for developing a goal and emailing to tell us how many bottles and cans you expect to recycle this year, we will send you a gift card. If you track your recycling activity through our website and achieve your goal by the end of the year, then we’ll send an additional gift card!

Earn double reward points between Sept. 1-Sept. 15

As a proud sponsor of Keep America Beautiful’s Recycle Bowl program, we want you to check it out. This one-month school recycling competition can give you a great base of excitement to build upon as you continue in Recycle Rally throughout the rest of the year.

Earn double reward points between
Oct. 6 - Oct. 18.

Celebrate America Recycles Day by setting up a fun competition between classrooms, departments, lunch periods, etc. to see who is your school’s recycling champ! Earn a prize for telling us who won and how they did it.

Earn a 50% bonus between
Nov. 7 - Nov. 30.

When you reflect on 2017 and submit an action plan to tell us what you will do differently to recycle more in 2018 then we will send you a prize. If our judges love your ideas then you may qualify for a bigger prize. Reference our checklist and green team guide for inspiration.

Earn double reward points
Dec. 10- Dec. 17.

Submit a video of students making their strongest argument for why everyone should recycle. Our judges will review and award prizes up to $1,000 for the entries that best meet the judging criteria.

Earn double reward points
Jan. 19- Jan. 28.

Reference our collection drive guide or come up with your own way of boosting excitement for a special collection day, week, or month. Earn bonuses for taking this step to involve more students, parents, or community members.

Earn double reward points
Feb. 10 - Feb. 28.
MARCH 2018

Initiate a recycling collection station at event(s) or location(s) within your broader community (i.e. offsite from your school’s campus). Earn a great prize for submitting a photo of your station in action.

Earn triple reward points March 10 - March 31.
APRIL 2018

While you’re racing to the finish line of our Annual Collection Contest, we’ll offer a reward for taking a little time to fill out our survey to tell us how we can help increase recycling and share even better resources next year.

Stay tuned! Bonus point opportunities to be announced via email each month
MAY 2018

Submit a proposal to tell us how you could keep students recycling during summertime (think venues such as recreational facilities, summer camps, etc.). If our judges approve, then you could qualify for nice cash prizes!

Stay tuned! Bonus point opportunities to be announced via email each month

The Leaderboards....

Recycle Rally schools can compare their year-to-date collection totals vs. other schools across the nation by searching our leaderboards. Select which league you want to view and then you may sort by city, state, or school name.

Check back when the Recycle Rally contest begins!!!!

Friends of the Rally

A special thank you to our partners who make Recycle Rally truly special.

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