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Campus needs are evolving—and we are evolving with them! PepsiCo Recycling is now offering expanded college and university programming to support campuses' zero-impact journeys.



Number of colleges and universities that have partnered with PepsiCo on sustainability since 2010.



Total bottles and cans collected to date on college and university campuses.



PepsiCo has provided more than $70,000 to college and university partners to support campus sustainability efforts.

Jump-Start Your Campus's Zero-Impact Journey

Simple acts lead to a big impact. See below for how we are helping colleges and universities reach their environmental goals.



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The PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund is designed to engage your entire campus community by offering a chance to win up to $10,000 to create or strengthen green initiatives on campus.

How It Works:

Funding was awarded for projects aimed at making environmental, economic and social sustainability impacts on your campus. Winning proposals explained how the PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund would help each school reach its sustainability goals.

Zero Impact Fund applications for the 2017-2018 school year coming this fall – check back for additional information!

2016 winning schools

Congratulations to the following schools for being recipients of the Zero Impact Fund! We’re excited to see your green initiatives come to life on campus.

Centre college

Project Title: Centre College’s First Photovoltaic System

Project Description: PepsiCo support will inaugurate the first segment of what will eventually become a 20kWsolar photovoltaic system necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve campus goals.

Johnson County Community College

Project Title: Johnson County Community College Compost Expansion

Project Description: The program will expand the current kitchen food waste program to include post-consumer compost infrastructure and education efforts across campus to achieve the zero waste goal.

Millersville University

Project Title: Sustainability Ambassador Event Kit

Project Description: The Event Kit will help Sustainability Ambassadors engage the entire campus and create new initiatives to reduce the campus’ environmental footprint; divert waste at campus events, increase participation in the energy conservation campaign, and increase efforts to become a bike-friendly university.

Northern Kentucky University

Project Title: NKU Streamline Recycling Pilot

Project Description: The pilot project will demonstrate the effectiveness of a uniform, single-stream, and centralized recycling system in both offices and classrooms on campus that can then be spread across campus to increase recycling rates.

University of California Berkeley

Project Title: Blue & Gold Make Green: Golden Bears Strive for Zero Waste

Project Description: The funding is critical to achieve the campus zero waste goal by 2020. Zero waste bins will include zero waste signage, education and outreach to the campus community.

University of California Irvine

Project Title: Interactive Digital Waste Bins Inside UCI East Food Court

Project Description: New and interactive digital signage and waste, recycling and compost bins will engage and educate students in an innovative way to reduce contamination and increase landfill diversion rates.

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Project Title: Putting Campus Waste to Work: Move Out Items Support Students in Need

Project Description: UMass Lowell will expand its move out program to increase the scale and impact to support students in need through the reuse and recycling of materials collected during move out in the spring.

University of Northern Iowa

Project Title: Panther Student Bike Share 2.0

Project Description: The expansion and improvement of the Panther Student Bike Share Program includes many partners and strategies to engage students and the greater community, including benefits to local businesses and the city, to create a sustainable program.


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Tailgate recycling Guidebook

Athletic events offer an opportunity to engage students, alumni, faculty, staff and the local community in your campus's sustainability goals. PepsiCo Recycling can help you launch a tailgate recycling program to help make game day green.

*According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 2011 Game Day Challenge


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Student ambassador program

The PepsiCo Recycling Student Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable leadership experience and help impact campus sustainability efforts. Students work directly with PepsiCo and develop fun, creative ways to mobilize their peers around sustainable practices.

Do you know a student that might be interested? Contact for additional information or to recommend an ambassador.

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Earth Day engagement kits

Earth Day—or any day! - is a great time to engage students on sustainability. Before your Earth Day Fair or Sustainability Fair, contact PepsiCo to purchase helpful tools to engage students, including swag and educational materials. Check with your school to find out if there is a sustainability fund you may be able to leverage for the purchase!

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