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Campus needs are evolving—and we are evolving with them! PepsiCo Recycling is now offering expanded college and university programming to support campuses' zero-impact journeys.



Number of colleges and universities that have partnered with PepsiCo on sustainability since 2010.



Total bottles and cans collected to date on college and university campuses.



PepsiCo has provided more than $70,000 to college and university partners to support campus sustainability efforts.

Jump-Start Your Campus's Zero-Impact Journey

Simple acts lead to a big impact. See below for how we are helping colleges and universities reach their environmental goals.



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The PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund is designed to engage your entire campus community by offering a chance to win up to $10,000 to create or strengthen green initiatives on campus. Up to 30 campuses may benefit, depending on the amount of funding requested by each winner and quality of applications as determined by our judging panel.

How It Works:

Funding will be awarded for projects aimed at making environmental, economic and social sustainability impacts on your campus. Winning proposals will explain how the PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund would help each school reach its sustainability goals and will be judged based on the following criteria: 1) Environmental Impact, 2) Social Impact, 3) Desirability/Feasibility/Longevity, 4) Ingenuity, and 5) Cost Effectiveness. See Official Rules for details.


Congratulations to the following schools for being recipients of the Zero Impact Fund! We are glad to see your green initiatives coming to life on campus.

University of Michigan

Project Title: Pollinator-Friendly Landscaping at the University of Michigan

Project Description: Outdoor signage, as well as pollinator friendly fixtures such as bee hotels and hummingbird feeders, will inform visitors about the importance of pollinators.

Ohio University

Project Title: Reducing Waste, Fighting Hunger: Increasing Community Food Waste Diversion

Project Description: Planning to reduce the waste stream by diverting food waste into food rescue programs.

Utah State University

Project Title: Toward an Organic Landscape at Utah State

Project Description: Will add a wood chipper to turn its coarse but fertile compost into an even more valuable soil amendment, replacing 16,000-20,000 lbs. of chemical fertilizer with organic compost fertilizer.

Lake Erie College

Project Title: LEC Environmental Jump Start

Project Description: Help create the first recycling program on campus and jump start the environmental plan to divert waste and reduce energy consumption.

Emerson College

Project Title: Increasing Diversion in High Use Campus Spaces through Educational Signage and Peer Outreach

Project Description: Create and install informative and easy to read signage above 200 waste hubs that feature recycling, compost and landfill waste bins in five residence halls and five academic buildings.

Centre College

Project Title: Completion of Centre College's First Solar Photovoltaic Project

Project Description: The support will stimulate matching funds and complete a 30kW on-campus solar photovoltaic system.

Whitworth University

Project Title: Conquering Food Waste through Vermicomposting and Organic Grounds Keeping

Project Description: Employ worms to digest food scraps transforming an expensive waste stream into valuable vermicompost.

St. Andrews University (A Branch of Webber International University)

Project Title: Green Knights

Project Description: Introducing waste stations that include recycling in and around our 8 residence halls, academic buildings, and outdoor gathering areas.

University of Illinois Springfield

Project Title: UIS “Warm-Glo” Recycling Bin Research & Engagement Project

Project Description: Purchase more recycling bins and conduct research that will help us better understand the factors that motivate students to recycle more actively.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Project Title: Establishing a Peer-to-Peer Sustainable Education Program

Project Description: Establish a smart and sustainable peer-to-peer engagement program to inform and engage our community about sustainable practices like recycling.

Mansfield University

Project Title: Developing a Campus-Wide Single-Stream Recycling Program

Project Description: Implementing a single-stream system will make recycling simple, providing the campus with only two options for waste: recycle or landfill.

West Chester University

Project Title: Solar-Powered Mini Split HVAC System for Campus Sustainability

Project Description: Install and test a novel solar-powered mini-split HVAC system to partly offset grid electricity consumption used for heating and air conditioning of WCU’s Office of Sustainability.

Virginia Wesleyan University

Project Title: VWU Sustainable Cell Phone Chargers

Project Description: Add sustainable cell phone charging stations for students, which rely on solar and human power.

Northeast State Comm. College

Project Title: Northeast State Community College (NeSCC) Water Conservation Project

Project Description: Replace 33 of the 35 conventional water faucets in restrooms located in two of the largest campus buildings with touchless technology faucets.

Randolph College

Project Title: Randolph College Rummage Room Program Expansion

Project Description: This will pay for 4 student workers in housing and labor costs for one move-out and one move-in period, as well as purchase necessary equipment to manage this program.

University of Texas at Arlington

Project Title: Compost Container Cleaning Station

Project Description: The Container Cleaning Station will provide the master composter's with a work station to clean the buckets and collect run-off water for reuse onto the compost windrows.

Shenandoah University

Project Title: Shenandoah University Composting Council

Project Description: The Composting Council will create and oversee a composting and food waste program.

Oregon State University

Project Title: A) Student Engagement with the OSU Solar Trailer and B) Solar Thermal System Upgrade

Project Description: A) Design and install a new, safer method of raising and lowering the 600 pound, 1,800 watt solar array for the OSU Solar Trailer. B) Upgrade and repair an uncommon solar thermal system used as a teaching tool on Kelley Engineering Center, our first certified green building.


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Tailgate recycling Guidebook

Athletic events offer an opportunity to engage students, alumni, faculty, staff and the local community in your campus's sustainability goals. PepsiCo Recycling can help you launch a tailgate recycling program to help make game day green.

*According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 2011 Game Day Challenge


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Earth Day engagement kits

Earth Day—or any day! - is a great time to engage students on sustainability. Before your Earth Day Fair or Sustainability Fair, contact PepsiCo to purchase helpful tools to engage students, including swag and educational materials. Check with your school to find out if there is a sustainability fund you may be able to leverage for the purchase!

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