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By completing this application, you’ll be signing up to make recycling more exciting and engaging at your school. Accepted applicants will be granted access to our Resource Library and Lessons & Activities pages, where you’ll be able to download helpful materials to make the most out of Recycle Rally. Accepted applicants will also receive emails a few times per month that will inform you of fun facts, best practices, and special promotions with chances to earn prizes.

This program is ideal for schools that already have the ability to recycle plastic (#1 PETE) bottles and aluminum cans. If you do not already have a recycling drop-off location or recycling hauler available to handle your school’s bottles and cans, then you may complete the application anyway and download this Hauler Toolkit, which provides information to help as you seek a solution to recycle these materials.


As your school's point of contact, you will be considered a 'Rally Leader' and will receive emails from us a few times per month to inform you about new recycling resources and promotions. You will only need to sign up once in order to continue involvement into future school years. You may opt-out or change your school's point of contact at any time by contacting us at

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